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ACP habiter à Paris Activities and meetings

Planned and improvised meetings
within the ACP network :

  coffee meeting;
  lunch or dinner at each other's place;
  theatre, cinema;
  painting exhibitions;
  visit to museums or to monuments;
  a lot of other activities (...). 

Meetings with young mothers and their
babies or young children:

 accueil contact paris association activities to entertain children and mothers as well and
allow the mothers to share their experience.

Meetings with the working people group:
  a special programme aimed at people who are working.

ACP organizes a tailor-made programme to enable
them to meet people who are experiencing or have
experienced mobility due to professional or personal reasons.

Meetings with people from different nationalities:
 Accueil Contact Paris association we welcome people coming from France or from abroad;
 Accueil Contact Paris mutation à Paris we help them with their new life in Paris or around Paris
  and therefore we make the transition easier;
 Accueil Contact Paris mutation à Paris we offer them a free local sponsorship.

A volunteer of our association may follow
the newcomers all along their first year:

 Accueil Contact Paris mutation à Paris we go with them to discover their district;
 Accueil Contact Paris mutation à Paris We offer language exchanges in French and various other foreign languages.

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