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You intend to :

Accueil Contact Paris-de déménager à Paris move to Paris
Accueil Contact Paris-d'habiter à Paris live in Paris
Accueil Contact Paris-d'étudier à Paris study in Paris
Accueil Contact Paris-de vivre à Paris work in Paris

You may live :

Accueil Contact Paris-l'expatriation à Paris an expatriation in Paris
Accueil Contact Paris-l'impatriation à Paris a job transfer to Paris

Settling down in a new region, a new town is not always easy.
Getting information, integrating well into your new environment,
making oneself new friends, yes, but how?

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Tél. : 01 47 00 23 35

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You will be welcomed by volunteers who, as you,
have faced a professional mobility.

You live in Paris
discover a warm welcome that will introduce you to the best addresses in the capital, whether culinary, sporting or cultural. Share convivial moments between friends and share your passions.


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